About Us

We have been making high-quality carbon precision windsurf fins for the past six years. Our team consists of Jules who has designed all of our products and Robbie who builds the products. We do not believe in mass production and want to keep our operation small and personal. Robbie is involved in the production of every single product to make sure that there is consistency and excellence. We use a team of local riders and a few selected professionals to test our products. The new foil is a project that has taken us two years.

Our philosophy was not to reinvent the wheel but to take some of the best foil designs on the market and make them even better. We used a very efficient and simple design so that it makes foiling attractive for the beginners and the pro's. We concentrated on stability and made the foil really strong yet incredibly stable to ride. The design allows beginners to get up and going within a few minutes and also allows competent sailors extreme control. We wanted a very affordable good quality foil because we believe that foiling is the future of windsurfing and the sport is on a massive growth curve.

In order to grow the sport of foiling we needed to make sure that the design Incorported the most efficient use of the best materials available. Special care has been taken to make sure that the foil assembly is absolutely perfect in order for the foil to offer the most stable ride possible. A reasonably competent windsurfer will be foiling without touchdown within minutes.